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5 Traditional Irish Cocktails for St Patrick’s Day

What could be more fun than having 5 traditional Irish cocktails to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Well, maybe an easy traditional Irish meal?! Read on to find the recipes for the 5 traditional Irish cocktails as well as a traditional Irish meal. I also have a checklist for planning a St Patrick’s Day party.

Checklist for a St Patrick's Day Party
St Patrick’s Day Party

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Traditional Irish Meal goes great with 5 Traditional Irish Cocktails

Of course, Guinness. I love the nitrogenated cans
Cute St Patrick's Day Door Wreath
Cute St Patrick’s Day Door Wreath, can also be found here
Bailey's Irish Cream
Bailey’s Irish Cream, serve it straight up or on the rocks (ice)

While traveling in Ireland I learned how to make 5 traditional Irish drinks to serve on St Patrick’s Day, check out the story!

While traveling in Ireland I learned how to make these 5 traditional Irish Cocktails. Check out the story and recipes.

Galway Ireland
Galway Ireland

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