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Cheers and thanks for visiting Easy Drinks and Appetizers! I’ve been in IT all of my adult life but I always felt the need to do a little something on the side so years ago I decided that I would bartend on the weekends. I found a part-time job bartending at one of the most popular nightclubs at Marriott hotels in Fairfield county. The Bartender that trained me followed recipes that were given to him, without considering if the drink tasted good or not. I sampled each and every new drink that I made and kept a mental note of the flavor. Now, years later, I can create some of the best tasting, and most asked for drinks in popular clubs and restaurants.

Over the years I’ve ‘remixed’ some of those drinks, to make them taste better and I finally decided to share my recipes for all to enjoy. I also want mixing a cocktail to be a fun, quick and easy process that everyone can do. Now you can showcase your skills when entertaining at home for small gatherings and holiday parties! Just use my tried-and-true step by step, simple and easy to follow drink and appetizer recipes. You will become the master host or hostess!

I also love to travel and the blog has given me the opportunity to share my travel stories with drink recipes of the region. Check them out! Thank you for visiting my site, Easy Drinks and Apps. If you enjoyed the recipes and the stories, follow me on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Thanks!


Easy Drinks and Appetizers About
Easy Drinks and Appetizers About

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