Longing for that sweet indulgence? This Chocolate Martini delivers!

I was headed to Cleveland, Ohio, for a meeting at the end of April. Cleveland is the home of the Cleveland Browns, the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of fame, the Cleveland Clinic, and many other exciting places to visit. When I left the Carolinas, it was in the ’70s. When I landed in Cleveland, the high was 37. Brrrrrr……

I tried not to worry about the cold because, from the time I landed at the Cleveland Airport on Wednesday to the time I took off the next day, it was less than 24 hours.

Metropolitan at The 9
Metropolitan at The 9 – Stock Photo

Since I was going to be in Cleveland for just one night, I decided to spend a few extra dollars and stay at the Marriott Metropolitan at The 9. The hotel is downtown and has an excellent selection of bars and restaurants nearby. Beneath the Cleveland Trust Rotunda is a luxury cocktail lounge called The Vault. It caught my attention because it was built in a century-old bank vault at the hotel I was staying at, The 9. I hate to admit this, but I couldn’t find the bar. I kept walking around looking very silly :0(

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Excellent Chocolate Martini, The Vault

The Vault was my first stop, and it was at the Vault that I met Brooklyn, the bartender. She suggested I try a Chocolate Martini and was kind enough to show me how to make it. Now you can watch the YouTube video of Brooklyn making a Chocolate Martini and learn how to make this fabulous drink at home! It has a few unique ingredients like Cocoa Bitters and Vanilla Bean Paste. Still, these items are what make this Chocolate Martini so unique.

After my Chocolate Martini, I headed upstairs to Adega, voted one of the Best Downtown Cleveland Restaurants. There Brianna suggested the Sweet Basil salad with shrimp. It hit the spot! My trip to Cleveland was short but memorable, and I have the recipe for the best tasting Chocolate Martini ever! And now you do too!!!! Thank you, Brooklyn!!!!!!

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