Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots
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Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots

Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots
Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots

Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots

Pumpkin Pie Jello-Shots made with Vodka and RumChata are perfect for your Halloween party!

Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots Ingredients
Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots Ingredients

In order to make Jello Shots that are not ‘fruit flavored’ you have to use Gelatin instead. Gelatin is not difficult to work with and the amazing thing about Gelatin is that you can make any of your favorite cocktails into a Jello Shot. I just love these Pumkin Pie Jello Shots.

Gelatine soaking in Vodka
Gelatin soaking in Vodka & Rumchata

Mix the Vodka and Rumchata in a spouted pitcher and sprinkle the Gelatin on the top of the mixture. It will start to thicken, so let sit for 5 minutes. Add the food coloring to the boiling water and pour the boiling water with food coloring mixture into the Gelatin mixture. Stir about 3 minutes until the Gelatin is dissolved. Stir in the sweetened condensed milk. Fill the Jello Shot cups 3/4 full with the Pumpkin Pie Jello Shot mix and refrigerate for 2 hours before adding the top.

Jello-Shot Cups
Jello-Shot Cups

There are two types of Jello-Shot cups that I like using, the short round 2 oz Jello-Shot cups and the taller squeezable Jello-Shot cups. Both work well, but they each have their best uses. See my Tips & Tricks page to find out why.

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The Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots can be made 2 days in advance, if covered and kept in the refrigerator.

Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots
Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots

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Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots

Pumpkin Pie Jello-Shots Made with Pumpkin Vodka and Rumchata

These cute and great tasting Pumpkin Pie Jello-Shots will be a hit at your next Halloween party or for dessert on Thanksgiving Day.
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 14 Jello-Shots


  • 1/2 Cup Pumpkin Vodka I like to use Veil Vodka for my Jello-Shots because it has a nice flavor
  • 1/2 Cup Rumchata
  • 2 Envelopes gelatin
  • 1 Cup Boiling water
  • 1/2 Cup Sweetened condensed milk
  • 3/4 Teaspoon Orange Gel Food Coloring


  • Place 14 – 2 oz Jello-Shot cups on a cookie sheet
    Jello-Shot Cups
  • Pour the Pumpkin Vodka and Rumchata into a large spouted mixing bowl
    Large Spouted Mixing Bowl
  • Slowly sprinkle gelatin on top of the Vodka and Rumchata mixture making sure to sprinkle it evenly across the top of the liquid
  • Let the gelatin absorb the liquid for 5 minutes
  • In the meantime boil the water
  • Pour 1 cup of the boiling water into a measuring cup
  • Add the orange food coloring to the boiling water and stir well
  • Add the water mixed with the food coloring to the Gelatin mix and stir until the Gelatin is dissolved, at least 3 minutes
  • Now add the sweetened condensed milk and stir well
  • Carefully pour the Jello-Shot mixture into the prepared Jello-Shot cups
  • Refrigerating at least 2 hours before placing the cap on the Jello-Shot cup
  • Serve Chilled. Can be made 2 days in advance


Gelatin can be a little tricky to work with the first time you use it in a recipe. The secret is to ‘slowly‘ sprinkle the gelatin on top of the liquid. If you see that it is clumping up, then you are sprinkling to quickly. This is the longest process in this entire recipe. If you do have some dry patches, don’t worry, make sure your water is boiling before adding it to the gelatin mixture and stir until the clumps are dissolved. These “not really” Jello-Shots will taste so good, and represent your Team so well, nobody will care that some gelatin didn’t dissolve.
If you want a darker orange color, add a tablespoon of hot water and 1/4 teaspoon of orange food coloring to a small bowl and stir until combined. Then add the food coloring mixture to your gelatin mixture and stir well.
If you find your color is too dark, you can add up to 1/4 cup more sweetened condensed milk to your gelatin mixture to lighten the color.
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